222 oh sunday

i can feel words swimming through my veins. they electrify and inspire and sometimes horrify me. i want to be able to express myself. i'm transferring from the local community college to the closest university (asu/#1 party school unghhh) to enter the creative writing program asap. i'm only 18 but i'm already going to be a junior in college next semester!? i have so much life ahead of me! i'm still so young.

sundays are lazy. sundays are for old ripped up jeans and sloppy white tank tops and not caring about chipped nail polish. sundays are for downloading tons of new music and only liking three songs. sundays are for no makeup and rubbing your eyes all you want! and for choppy poetry that doesn't flow or rhyme or matter. emptying your words just for the sake of emptying them, to make room for more. birds, little, dark, shoes, crimson, blush legs beauty wistful dust ribcage sad white freckle ghost


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