224 i wish that i could follow through

i know that your love is true and deep as the sea

^ not me sry just love that picture....

um, this is for t. i'm going to miss you so fucking much. i'm going to miss us, the way we were together, so fucking much. if i'm honest with myself this was the right thing to do but it still baffles me what a beautiful fucking human being you are. i have NEVER felt so loved by anybody! promise me you will always be in my life. i would give anything for you to hold me right now


Anonymous said…
you seem so alive now! i'm really glad that you're doing well and i'm really glad that you're writing on this again. it was such a surprise to see like 4 new entries!
c said…
!!!! thank you so much anonymous :) i am just as astonished that even two people remembered this thing existed! you two are my new favorite anonymous posters

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