i edited this post like 6 times here's the final product

my nephewwwwww ain't he cute he's gonna be a heartbreaker

i had a charmed childhood, i realllllllly really did. my parents provided for me and then some. i was this bubbly outgoing little bundle of boundless energy and i could talk my way out of almost anything. i have pictures of me standing in front of the giant whale at disney land, gap-toothed smile and all. i remember i had a dentist who used to call me "sunny bunny" and once i bit her because i thought it would be funny (it wasn't even a little bit funny to her). but you remember the laughing gas stuff they would give you??? yeah i used to babble incessantly when they gave me that stuff, i would flail my leg over the side of the chair, heave a giant child-like sigh, and contentedly giggle and chatter and make everyone laugh

i remember being carefree like that until...... i'm gonna say 7th grade. in middle school i pretty much hit a wall, i went from being the outspoken class clown to being this silent and nearly invisible shy kid, i literally didn't speak unless i HAD to, i blushed whenever people talked to me, i don't know what happened??? middle school sucks for a lot of people though i guess i'm not special in that sense

so the theme todaaaay is childhood/transformation
what took me from being the little innocent freckle-faced wild child to the sleepless, self-starved, unbearably *woeful* me of today?

i know i can't blame anyone else but i've been told not to blame myself, i don't know what to doooooOOOo :S

yuck i shouldn't blog when i haven't slept i'm going to bed i'm crossin my fingers that my meds will work tonight (this morning HEH?) ***CROSSIES*** ew i'm a dooork

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