** 100 **

in 100 annoying blog posts, i have gone through some phases

1) the "i love myself in the most healthy non-narcissistic way possible" phase (see earliest posts)
2) the "well, i'm going through a rough time but i still like myself" phase
3) the "i am my own worst enemy/i have a secret but i cannot tell you" phase
4) the self-loathing phase (pre-secret unveiling)
5) the overly dramatic secret revealing phase
6) the "well phew i got that off my chest now i'm going to blog excessively and obsessively about it to compensate for all my self-censorship WOO"

and now whatever the fuckkkkkkk this is
i tried to find a place to include the whiny phase but since that's pretty much THE ENTIRE THING... we'll just say each phase has its own whiny undertone

i love the hoodie i'm wearing finally something with sleeves long enough for my monkey arms *i am a giraffe* um i haven't eaten since sunday night lol byeeeee

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