it's tangible, a dampened down version of the love we see in the movies, it's in my head not my heart. i think if i could just learn to take a dive and live through my heart and stop trying to see, we could have something great. i don't want to be the person who breaks your heart, but i can't seem to give you mine


Anonymous said…
you can do it
Anonymous said…
i think it's funny that your readers leave comments like "you can do it". they are so simple but they seem just right. i think people just want to let you know we're thinking about you, we're rooting for you. even those of us (me) who know nothing about you.
c said…
i think we all see a little of ourselves in you and that's why your writing is so inspiring. we're all rooting for you, we really are, and you lead us to find hope in ourselves. thank you

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