205 i rock too fast for love

whether or not this is "it," love or magic like waking up in your arms and like sunny wordless afternoons, i don't care what it is right now, i don't want you to leave, i don't want you to leave i don't want you to leave

i didn't even know until you said the word military, i didn't know what it would do to me. i was surprised at the way my heart dropped, and the way my voice sounded when i spoke, and the way my eyes were suddenly hot and the road was a little blurry.

i'll never tell you what to do. i can only do what i can. i'm learning that i can't control anybody but myself and that's okay, it's just that i don't like sleeping alone since you


Anonymous said…
omg, did you lose your virginity?!
Anonymous said…
what a lame thing to post in a comment box
c said…
lol anonymous #1 as a matter of fact i have not i still have a little halo hovering above my head 0:) you can sleep with someone without actually sleeping WITH someone if you know what i mean

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