192 s is for

the only things i can handle right now: seroquel, sudoku, sleep

the only things i can feel/think right now: self-loathing, shame, sorrow, suffering, scars, sour, sad, scum, slave, stuck, suicide, sick, sick, sick, sick, SICK

i am so: sorry


Anonymous said…
seroquel is an awful medication. are you actually on that? it's so terrible i am really sorry that you have to be on it.
c said…
yeah seroquel is the only reason i can sleep. it's not so bad i guess it works for me, i take it and an antidepressant so they keep me (kind of) level headed

Anonymous said…
seroquel is a hardcore anti-psychotic, when i took it (to help me sleep as well) it made me feel like my soul was being sucked out. big time hallucinations it was really scary!

but i'm glad it works for you, i guess you are more psychotic than i am
c said…
anti-psychotic what! i was told it was to help with my manic episodes whatever i don't think i need it except to sleep :( but maybe i am psychotic
it gives me trippy dreams is all, which i like
Anonymous said…
i was wondering if you were diagnosed bipolar or not
c said…
yeah i've been diagnosed a few times

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