191 i believe in silence

i smell like honey and words are melting like sugar beneath my tongue, my hair is a wild mane of golden brown waves and i feel like i'll never need to sleep again. i let myself slip back into some pretty awful habits, starving and relishing that dull ache in my gut pressing my fingertips into my hips until i swore i was touching the stark white of bone. but i'm on the other side now, my heart is swelling and i'm finally welcoming the tiny butterflies in my stomach.

i know this happens to me often, i slip into the water and just when i'm about to drown i come up gasping for air, every sweet breath filling my lungs like the million thoughts i've yet to share with the world. and i'll swear that i'm never going to slip into that ocean again but i probably will. but that's okay because while i'm here, while i'm on land, i'm going to embrace it and run through the hot sand barefoot and lay under the sun all day.
i've given up on (a boy) but i don't feel like it was too much of a loss. i was probably setting myself up for disaster, knowing the things i knew about him, i was ignoring my head to listen to my flushed cheeks and shaky knees. it's hard for me to tell sometimes because i'm in love with love and this is something i've grown to accept, i'll never ask my head to come down from the clouds because that is where i think it belongs. you fall farther when you live way up there but you live better, you live so much better.


Anonymous said…
everything you write in this blog is so beautiful. i just thought you should know.

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