249 my babies

so check these lil guys out,

COLLECTIVE AWWW. a bunny had babies in our hay pile in the backyard, there are five of them. their names are:

oenomaus (ik ik, wtf, it's pronounced "ani-may-us")
and crixus

BROWNIE POINTS IF YOU KNOW WHAT THOSE NAMES ARE FROM. anyways, the names aren't really fitting considering they're nothing but furry little puffs of cute, but that's not the point. they are my babies. but that picture was taken probably a week ago when their eyes were still closed. since then their eyes have opened and they've left the nest, on their own in this cruel world :'( and all that stuff

so this is when they opened their eyes:

and this is spartacus (the only two you can really tell apart are spartacus and gannicus. spartacus is the smallest and darkest and he has a little white mark on his head and gannicus is the biggest and he has a white mark on his head too!)

obv i didn't just pick him up without knowing it was okay, for those of you who are like OMG THE MAMA BUNNY WILL ABANDON THEM IF YOU TOUCH THEM, okay i did some research before touching them and mother bunnies have very strong maternal instincts and it's hard to get them to abandon their babies! and the only ones i picked up were s and g because they're my fave lil warriors ♥

they've all left the nest now even though they're still tiny. that's kinda what i feel like. i mean obv i'm not as tiny or cute as those bunnies, but i feel like i've just barely opened my eyes and i'm already leaving the nest and it's like, um no there are predators out there, i want back in my hay pile please.


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