it's been a while huh?

a lot of things have happened. one, got fired from my job at vs because a girl at a dif store decided to screw me over during an exchange, made it look like i was trying to steal money from the company and didn't ring me up as an associate, reported it later making it look like i got $15 back WHEN I DIDN'T GET NO MONEY BACK, anyways basically she gets me fired for something tha ti didn't even do, and gets $50 for getting me fired because that is the "culture of honesty" that the company believes in. if you report someone and get them fired, you get $50. so, good for her, i hope she used that money to buy some crack or something

this happened about 2 1/2 weeks ago but i'm still bitter, i hold onto things i guess. probably because i fucking loved that job with every little fiber of my being. my boss was a total sweetheart. it wasn't her decision to terminate me, it was the "district manager" who i've only ever met twice and both of those times i was on break stuffing my face so how's that for a good impression. anyway she (my boss, not the dm) sent me a really sweet message on facebook after the fact. she felt really bad about the whole thing but hey life happens

alsooo someone got mad at me over a silly facebook post, proceeded to block me, delete my number, and key my car because that's how you deal with problems in today's world. so that was good.

2011 has been year of the medical bills for my family. dad was in ICU for 17 days at $15,000-20,000 A DAY. as in, for one day! and he almost died like 5 or 6 times. and now mom's getting knee surgery, and i will withhold all the gruesome details but i might have some serious shyt going on with my stomach and maybe am going to die but idc anymore i really just want my job back. when i'm not working i sit and do stupid things all day and get depressed. such a sad story right.

i need to finish my stupid assignment, i actually have TWO stupid assignments to finish now that i think of it, i'm such a procrastinator. a wise man once said "procrastination is like masturbation, it's fantastic until you realize you're just fucking yourself"

umm, here's a picture of a pretty guy

donno who he is but i don't mind if he bums here for a while


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