a hat on a chair

Well, fuck me. I guess there's this thing where we always want what we feel we can't have. For the past almost 10 months we've been not-a-thing, but kind-of-a-thing. Recently it's picked back up again and, fuck it, I do like you (more than I would admit before). Introducing you to a few of my friends just sealed the deal, but for the first time you're backing off.

I didn't even realize how much it would bother me, but you left your fucking baseball cap on my chair. I see it every time I walk in the house, and I won't move it. I don't really know why, just that I'm being a stubborn asshole.

I'd like to say I don't know why you're backing off, but I can't blame you for it after I did it to you (twice - three times?)

You already know the story with me - I really don't want to get fucked over again, but I guess that's not how this works. I guess if you want something great you gotta open yourself up to be screwed. It wouldn't surprise me if I'm too late, if your ex is back in the picture, if you've decided it's better to be on your own than spending time with someone who may or may not back out at any given moment.

Hey, I can't blame you. Karma's a bitch, there's a shitty lesson around every corner!


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