my arms are all itchy from alfalfa and on saturday i was at work for 9 hours because i was supposed to get 12 boxes of shipment done while i was main cashier and i couldn't get off the register for like .5 seconds because it was so flippin busy man. the shipment took forEVER it was all shoes that were packaged weirdly, whoever packaged them i want to punch in the stomach. my boss was being stupid and any time i tried to talk to someone she'd be like STOP CHATTING START WORKING even though i was working because apparently she doesn't understand the concept of multitasking. i also ripped my nail BAD, down to the quick and it was bleeding and all, of course this happened during a transaction so i was like WHOA definitely have to act like that didn't happen "hey have a great day thanks for coming in we'll see you next time here's some coupons" and all the while i had to like SMILE at people who were irritating me. that's the thing about retail ugh people are really bitchy and annoying sometimes smahrsajffskjf

i look like shit today because t stayed over last night and so i was up late so i slept through my alarm this morning and when i woke up i was like oh shit i have about 5 mins to get ready. so much for like showering. gross. i have like huge bags under my eyes it's also gross. i've tried the frozen spoon thing but it don't work. at least not for me cuz i'm a weirdo.

this is me tryin to be cutesy with the fat monkey t bought me, i love him, his name is tj (t jr obvvviously)

idk why this is relevant i just feel like i need to be uploading pictures from my actual life not from like.... random websites and stuff idk yeah.

my body is like diiiisgusting rn, i feel like i'm gaining shit tons of weight but i'm not eating gross stuff or anything. i think it's cause i'm stressed out which makes me more focused on it. idk, but i need to get back to working out regularly because i've been flaky about it. yuck.

this is where i randomly end the post without a conclusion because i don't really have anything else to say


emily said…
i only talked to you once on neopets like 3 years ago but i read your blog ever since. i feel like such a total stalker but you've always been really inspirational to me. i hope life can get better for me like it has for you. just wanted to say that you're beautiful, and i'm happy you're still writing. (:
c said…
awww aw aw i wish i had checked back on here sooner so i could have responded earlier instead of waiting this long. life will get better for you, i really believe that, because i believe that it can get better for anybody who lets it. i firmly believe that if i can make it through something, anybody can! seriously. thanks so much for your comment because it means a lot to me that all these hundreds of posts have actually meant something to someone. it's sort of unreal to me that anybody would be interested in any facet of my life! thanks, emily :)

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