Nov 29, 2010

247 ye

the past few months in pictures (not mine, click on the photo and you will be taken to the artist's work, because i am not a picto-thief):

(in the sense of, fuck what the world says, i don't need you to tell me it's okay to listen to bizarro music/do bizarro things/be a bizarro person. not in the sense of fuck the world i'm done i'm killing myself blablah although i do have things to say about that as well.)

i think i've sort of lost my touch with this blogging thing, but it's alright because i'm just a little sailboat alalalaalaaaa,


c said...

you give me so much hope. you were real two years ago during the worst part of my life and you're real now - when i can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, your blog reminds me that it's still there. thank you

YALL KNOW said...

hey come back lets revive this blogging thing in 2011

c said...

c, it is so lovely to hear that what i just think of as my silly pointless blog actually serves such a purpose in someone's life!! thank you thank you <3

and saff, SAFFFFFF! i commented on yo last post