203 carpe diem quam minimum credula postero

^^^ i want this tattooed, somewhere nobody will see it ever except for me and anyone i choose to share it with. in tiny curly letters and maybe with a few birds but permanence scares me so i'll have to give this some thought

maybe it makes me sad that sometimes i still wonder if this is right
this is me trying not to think anymore, today was good i think. i just wish you'd forget about the world sometimes when you look at me because i want to be the one who erases everything except for the little shadows across my bones and the way my hair sometimes falls in front of my eyes and the color my skin is in the sun. i love wearing your sweatshirt and your shoes and my old basketball shorts to gas stations at five in the morning, i'm just confused right now

cute creature says cheer up, everyone, vida est decorus


Anonymous said…
you make me happy
Anonymous said…
reading your posts makes me feel like i'm okay and comforting to know someone else out there can relate.

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